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(Shulamith Shula, Shafiki)  
parents: Izack, Rachel; spouse: Sarah; born: 1895
  Abramov Michael
parents: Refarl, Sarah; spouse: Elhana Chune; born: 1901
parents: Menachem Mendel, Rivka; spouse: Izack; born: 1913
  Abramov Purim Pnina
born: 1860
  Abaiov Aharon   Abramov Rachel
born: 1876
  Abaiov Assael   Abramov Shlomo
spouse: Shulamit; born: 1902
  Abaiov Eliyahu   Abramovitch Akiva
spouse: Batya; born: 1913
  Abaiov Esther   Abramovitch Arieh Leib
born: 1917
  Abaiov Liora   Abramovitch Avraham Atke
spouse: Yerucham; born: 1904
  Abaiov Menashe   Abramovitch (Tzalalihin) Batya
parents: Zecharia, Yona; born: 1896
  Abaiov (Kaston) Miriam   Abramovitch Binyamin
parents: Mauda, Saida; born: 1896
  Abaiov Moshe   Abramovitch Elchanan
spouse: Nissim
  Abaiov Naftali   Abramovitch Esther
parents: Yehuda Leib; spouse: Menachem Mendel; born: 1846
parents: Ruben, Feige; spouse: Sara; born: 1892
  Abaiov Pinchas   Abramovitch Esther
spouse: Elchanan
  Abaiov (Tabib) Tzvia   Abramovitch Gershon Tzvi
  Abaiov (Elchananov) Yehudit   Abramovitch Hagai
parents: Aharon, Dvora; spouse: Latso
  Abaiov Yosef   Abramovitch (Tulipman) Hanna
parents: Yehuda Leib, Rachel; spouse: Moshe; born: 1917
  Abayov Levi   Abramovitch (Perelman) Haya Sara
parents: Avraham, Hanah; born: 1937
  Abramov Avraham   Abramovitch Israel
spouse: Menachem Mendel Munya; born: 1924
  Abramov Ester   Abramovitch (Bralnitzky) Leah
born: 1920
  Abramov Haim   Abramovitch (Zinger) Leah
  Abramov Itzchak   Abramovitch (Leviteh) Malca