Meirovitch Uzi
Born: 1930
Birth Place: Israel, Tel Aviv
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: businessman
Departed to:
Died: 2015
Meirovitch Bar Kochva
Meirovitch (Levin) Rachel
Hutory (Hotorzki) Rueven
Hutory (Levin) Hadassa
    Meirovitch Uzi   Meirovitch (Huturi) Ilana    
Children:   Meirovitch Ram    Meirovitch Oded    Meirovitch Dafna

Uzi Meirovitch was born in Tel aviv.,He is a graduate of the secondary school "Hertzelia" . He learned aircraft technology in the United States.
He worked for over twenty years in the "Taasia - Avirit", where he served in various and diversified functions.
He is for many years a director in Fa. Atasko - a company engaged in aircraft trading - jointly owned with Shaul Eisenberg.Then, he served in that role in New York.