Weiss Kahanov (Gordon) Tzila
Born: 1923
Residence in the Village:
Departed: 1933
Departed to: Israel, Rehovot
Died: 2011
Buried: Israel,
Gordon Menachem
Gordon (Schalit) Rachel
Cahanov Eliyahu
Cahanov (Abless) Hanna
    Weiss Kahanov (Gordon) Tzila   Cahanov Yaacov    
        Weiss Richard Other Partner
Children:   Cahanov Maya    Cahanov Ruth

Tsila Weiss Cahanov was born in Rishon Le Zion. She studied at the local elementary school (Haviv) in the village. When she was nine years old she moved with her family to Rehovoth and continued her studies at the school there and later at the "Herzlia" High school in Tel Aviv.
As a young girl she was active in Maccabi Hatzair?. She edited the movement newspaper., At the movement ceremonies she accompanied the girls who learnt ballet on the piano as well as the singing of Esther Gamlielit - "the nightingale of Eretz Israel" as she was called. While she was studying at the Herzlia high school she gave lessons to British soldiers and prepared lesson plans for them in current events, bombings and attacks on the Jewish population in the country etc. When she learnt that one of the soldiers among her students had hit Jews who were protesting against the "White Paper" she refused to continue teaching him.
In 1907, when new immigrants from Yemen came to Rehovoth, she volunteered to set up a clubhouse for them in the ?Shaarayim ?Mayor of Haifa, Mr. Y. Almogi.
In 1967 she was secretary of the Israeli Committee for Automozation in the Electronics Faculty of the Technion. Later she became secretary of the Rothschild Community Centre and in this capacity she helped in the estalishment of the "Discussions Club" which was a forum for brainstorming and discussion.
In 1971 she took over the organizational work of the WIZO branch club on the Carmel and in this capacity, among other things, she enlisted and delegated volunteers to various activites in the integrating of immigrants and in creating a department, together with the Ministry of Defence and the Rehabilitation Dept. to assist IDF widows.When she resigned from her post in the organizational department in 1983 she continued working there voluntarily and in addition volunteered for the "Older Brother" project, to work with fatherless children.
For all her activites Tsila Weiss Cahanov was awarded the title "Outstanding Woman of The Municiplity of Haifa".