Gissin David
Born: 1832
Birth Place: Russia, Tavria,
Immigrated: 1883
Arrived: 1887
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1905
Gissin Arye
    Gissin David   Gissin Sara    
        Gissin Freide Basha Other Partner
Children:   Gissin Arye Leib    Davidson (Gissin) Moshe    Wechsler (Gisin) Shifra    Rochlin (Gissin) Nehama    Gissin Bernard Dov

David Gissin was born in the township Bardiansk, in the Tabria region, Russia.
He served there as slaughterer, supervisor and circumciser.
In 1883, he immigrated to Eretz Israel with his wife and children and settled in Jerusalem.
In 1887, he moved to Rishon Lezion; here he returned to his former profession and for many years was the circumciser in the township. Two years after his arrival, he was appointed as the winery supervisor - supervising the wine industry for fear of impurity and for being kosher for Passover. It has been indicated that he was extremely knowledgeable and knew by heart whole pages from the Talmud; his nickname by the township' inhabitants was - "Rabbi David".
David Gissin is the progenitor of the township's first "Dilligans". Not only did he initiate the idea, but he also mounted with his own hands, the boards on the wheels to produce the "Perpetual Cart" which transported passengers from Rishon to Jaffa.
In the Newspaper "Hatzvi" of the 1st of February 1889, an article was published called "Gissin leads all the ways" as follows: "the father of all who catches a Dilligans (that is to say a perpetual cart that goes back and forth from place to place at fixed times) in the townships, David Gissin, deserves glory for his diligence, talent and perseverance on an issue until he achieves its purpose. He was the first to put a perpetual cart - between Rishon-Lezion and Jaffa; two and a half years ago, and all obstacles did not deter him from his target. Recently he put such a perpetual cart between Ramble and Jaffa, and early in the morning, at eighth o'clock, the cart go-off loaded with Arabs from the village and at dusk at the third hour the cart wil will l return heavily loaded. This week, David Gissin placed another cart on this route. (" The Land of Zion and Jerusalem" edited by Dan Ben- Amotz and Shlomo Shva p' 104).