Shalvi (Sneider) Eliyahu
Born: 1903
Birth Place: Ukraine, Odessa
Immigrated: 1923
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: chemist, engineer
Departed to:
Died: 1976
Sneider Avraham
Sneider Ferida
Abulafiah Shlomo
Abulafiah (Freiman) Rivka
    Shalvi (Sneider) Eliyahu   Shalvi (Abulafiah) Aliza    
Children:   Shalvi Shlomo    Ben Nayim (Shalvee) Hedva

Eliyahu Shalvi was born in Odessa, Russia. His started there his academic studies in the chemistry subject but interrupted them for the purpose emigration to Eretz Israel. He continued his studies at the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus but had to stop them again because of the earthquake that occurred in Jerusalem in 1929 which caused the destruction of the laboratories. Later, he went to France where he was qualified as a chemist.
When returning to Eretz Israel, worked in Tel Aviv in construction works (in the early thirties).
In 1945, he was offered to serve as the administrator of a hospital in Jerusalem.
Eliyahu Shalvi moved with his family to Jerusalem and managed the hospital until its closure at the beginning of the Liberation War.
Then, he worked at the Hadassah Hospital as an engineer until his retirement.