Abulafiah (Rifler) Zipora
Born: 1903
Birth Place:
Immigrated: 1928
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1991
Rigler Meir
Rigler Ettel
Abulafiah Shlomo
Abulafiah (Freiman) Rivka
    Abulafiah (Rifler) Zipora   Abulafiah Bustenai    
Children:   Aviel (Abulafiah) Dalia    Paz (Abulafiya) Ziva    Amir (Abulafia) Gideon

Zipora Abulafiah was born in Kosovo, Poland. She received a general and a traditional education. She studied at the seminary of teachers in Tchernowitch. As a daughter to a father (Meir Rigller) who was a delegate in the second Zionist Congress, she was active in the Zionist Organization, in the "Keren Hakayemet le Israel" and in the "Jehuda Hatzair ".
At the end of her studies, in the twenties (of the twentieth century), she left to Canada. She taught at the Hebrew school in Ottawa. There she established the first Hebrew kindergarten and later she opened kindergartens in Toronto and in Pittsburgh (USA).
In Canada and in the United States, she was active in "Jehuda Hatzair"; she was a member in "Hadassah" and took part in Zionist activities in the Jewish communities.
In the U.S.A. she married Bustanai Abulafiah, a Tel Aviv man, and in the year 1928, she came with him to Eretz Israel.
Here, to her credit she had a widespread public activity; she was an active member in WIZO and a member of the national board of WIZO. In this framework, she initiated planting a forest in the name of Henrietta Szold in "Maale Hachamisha". She participated as a delegate in the World Congress of WIZO; she was a member of the national board of the "Committee for Soldiers" and of that of "Ilan"; she attended the World Conference of the World Hebrew Union and the World Conference of the "B'not Brit" which was held in Washington; she was a member of the Grand Chamber of the "B'nai Brit's" Order in Israel; a member the World "B'nai Brit's" Council and served in a senior positions in the Order; she initiated the establishment of clubs for elderly on behalf of "B'nai Brit" and was the chairman of the first club established in Ramat Gan which served as an example for the establishment of other clubs around the country.
She initiated and served as the chairman of the "Achei B'nai Brit" in the "B'nei Brit's" house in Tel Aviv; she served as first chairman of the mutual adoption actions between the "B'nai B'rit" chambers in Israel and abroad, encouraging close relations between the Diaspora and Israel; she was a board member of the Association for the Blind in Tel Aviv.