Segal Gamliel Gammy
Born: 1930
Birth Place: Israel, Givat Ada
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Segal Joseph
Segal (Cohen) Sarah
Hovav (Vilinitz) Zvi
Hovav (Salomon) Shoshana
    Segal Gamliel Gammy   Segal (Hovev) Ruthi    
Children:   Ronen Rosenbaum (Segal) Tamar    Sharon (Segal) Yael    Vizan (Segal) Michal

Gamliel Gami Segal was born in Givat Ada. He arrived with his parents in Rishon Lezion as a baby at the early thirties (of the 20th century).
He began his studies in "Talmud Torah"; continued in the elementary school ("Haviv") and in the high school "Hagymnasia Harealit". He was part the of the graduation class of those pupils born on the year 1931 who were recruited to the "Liberation War" before the end of their studies.
He is a graduate of the teachers training college "Seminar Levinsky" in Tel Aviv; - a teacher and a headmaster.
He studied Bible as well as History at the University and – Geography in the "Avshalom" institute. He was the graduate of the Institute's first course under the management of Professor Avitzur. He assisted in the research work about water wells prior to the writing of Avitzur's book about the materialistic culture in "Eretz Israel" in the nineteenth century.
He was in his youth: a trainee in "Maccabi Hatzair", a member of the "Etzel" and later on, a member of the "Haganah".
He has been for 8 years a teacher at a school "Haviv". Later on he established a school for working youths. During the years 1955 – 1970 he worked in the teacher's training college in "Givat Hashlosha", called after A. Shane, as a teacher of Geography, Bible, History and as a Pedagogical Instructor.
In 1958, parallel to his work at the teacher's training college, he began to work as a teacher at the High School "Hagymnasia Harealit" in Rishon Lezion. From 1970 until his retirement in 1998, he served there as the headmaster.
During his work as headmaster, he gave an additional opportunity to students who were removed earlier from studying. Within a short period of time, the total number of students at the school reached a peak which necessitated the creation of new trends and a general expansion of the establishment. He opened to the students, for the first time, the possibility to attach to their syllabus, humanistic and mathematical subjects and thus helped some students to solve different dilemmas. Contradictory to his wishes, due to municipal pressure, he had introduced into the curriculum skill trends and turned them into prestigious ones. He opened classes for gifted pupils. The high school (headed by him) students planted groves and nurtured weaker populations. There was a mutual aid activity within the school and help was given to victims of disasters in foreign countries.
He was a member of the "Bnei Brith" organization as part of his activities outside the school. He was one of the "Alliance" founders (preceded by the "JC") – a club that provided assistance to soldiers, to hospitals and needed persons.
In recognition of his contribution to public life he won in 2008 the "Esteemed Citizen of Rishon Lezion" award.