Birger Itzhak
Born: 1877
Birth Place: Russia
Immigrated: 1903
Arrived: 1909
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer
Departed to:
Died: 1942
Birger Shmaryahu
Birger Esther Gitel
Cohen (Tashtakovsky) Shmuel
Cohen (Tashstakovsy) Sheina Bella
    Birger Itzhak   Birger (Kohen) Breine Brindil    
Children:   Birger Shmariyahu    Harash (Birger) Esther    Goldhend (Birger) Rivka    Birger Avshalom    Salonimsky (Birger) Ora    Sheinkreitt (Birger) Yehudit    Malin (Birger) Rachel Rochke

Itzhak Birger was born in Russia.He came to Eretz Israel at the beginning of the twentieth century, following his brother and settled in Rishon Lezion. Later, he bought a farm in Beer Yaakov and for several years the family lived there. When the little children grew up the family returned to Rishon Lezion (at 1909) to enable them attend school in the township.
He worked as a grafting expert in the Goldberg orchard in Ramat Gan. In Gedera he worked at the spirit industry. During harvest he worked in the winery.
It has been told that his house was open to the needy and to the young pioneers who were destitute.