Itiel (Hittel) Arieh Leib
Born: 1883
Birth Place: Vilna (Vilnius)
Immigrated: 1907
Arrived: 1911
Residence in the Village:
Departed: 1930
Departed to: Israel,
Died: 1977
Hittel (Atiel) Shneor-Zalman
Hittel Haya Sarah
Klein Yosef
Klein Silka
    Itiel (Hittel) Arieh Leib   Itiel Etta    
Children:   Sholochovitz (Itiel) Tchiya    Itiel Sde-or    Levin (Itiel) Tziona    Itiel Amichai    Itiel Ben Artzi    Etiel Nathan
Arie Leib before immigrating to Israel 1906