Rigger (Abulafiah) Elisheva
Born: 1904
Birth Place: Israel, Neve Tzedek
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: teacher
Departed to:
Died: 1996
Abulafiah Shlomo
Abulafiah (Freiman) Rivka
Riger Yosef
Riger Hana
    Rigger (Abulafiah) Elisheva   Rigger Naftali    
Children:   Mahat (Riger) Tirza    Rigger Yossi

Elisheva Rigger was born in Neve Tzedek. She studied at the "Herzliya" high school and the "Levinsky" seminar in Tel - Aviv.
She worked as a teacher in Kibbutz Beit Alfa and at the school "Ness Ziona" in Tel - Aviv. Later, she moved to teach at the school "Nezach Israel"; there, along with her colegues, she devoted to the special kids a lot of attention and profoud educational thinking.
Her home in Tel - Aviv served as meeting center for art and literacy lovers as well as - a shelter for any indigent.
She was an active member of the "Haganah"; she held secretly at her house the organization's radio station "Shamir Boaz Telem", from where the "Haganah's" people broadcasted their words in the evening.
When Israel Galili, a member of the high command of the Haganah had to hide from the British, she received him into her home. During the War of Independence, the occipital headquarters of the "Givati" brigade resided in her home.