Branitzky (Bralnitzky) Nathan
Born: 1836
Immigrated: 1884
Arrived: 1885
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer, blacksmith, vintner
Departed to:
Died: 1906
Belonging to Group
Bralnitzky Mordechai
    Branitzky (Bralnitzky) Nathan   Branitzky (Bralnitzky) Duba Daba    
Children:   Branitzky (Bralnitzky) Haim    Branitzky (Bralnitzky) Aba    Abramovitch (Bralnitzky) Leah    Bralnitzky (Branitzky) Yehuda Aryeh Leib    Branitzky (Bralnitzky) Mordechai
In the Branitzky family's yard

Nathan Branitzky (original name Barlnitzky) was born in Russia the Minsk district in the town of Novorodok. Immigrated to Eretz Israel with his family in 1884, settled in Jerusalem where he worked as a metalworker. One year later, on the invitation of Menachem Mendel Abramovitch he moved with his family to Rishon Le-zion. He bought land, built his house and set up a smithy in his yard where his sons worked with him. In the smithy, they made wagons, hoes and Arab-style ploughs and their clients were the Baron's clerks and the village farmers. Later, he planted a vineyard on his land and "during the plunging season" writes Moshe Smilansky (who rented a room in Branitzkys home) "the two sons closed down the smithy and worked all day in the vineyard".
Nathan Branitzky was among the independent farmers who did not receive financial support from the Baron.
He participated in public activities: the signatories of the second book of regulations written in 1897; served as a member of the local Committee, 1902-1904; together with Menachem Mendel Abramovitch founded "institute" for rented of medical aids to the needy.