Becker Moshe
Born: 1877
Birth Place: Vilna (Vilnius),
Immigrated: 1907
Arrived: 1909
Residence in the Village: David Yudilovitch's house (private)
Occupation: farmer
Departed to:
Died: 1946
Becker Menachem Mendel
Becker Rosa
Meltcher Laib
Meltcher Rahel
    Becker Moshe   Becker Billa Bilha    
Children:   Becker Eliezer    Becker Nissan    Zelsky (Becker) Leah    Becker Shmuel    Becker Emmanuel    Butkovsky (Becker) Hadasa    Becker Avshalom    Becker Yehuda    Becker Yigal

Moshe Becker was born in Vilna. He ran an old age home there.
He was a member of the "Poale Tzion" movement, a rabbi and an outstanding pupil.
In 1907 he came to the country with his family and went to the settlement of Har Tuv which had been settled by Bulgarian Jews who bought the village of ARTUF from the Christian church. He managed the farm belonging to Itzhak Leib Goldberg. There he kept the first "Herd Book" with a view to improving the cattle strain and raise the milk yield. The cattle farm he managed became so famous that even Mikve Yisrael bought its calves. He also pioneered cotton plantation in Magdele on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and managed the land belonging to Abu Shushe near Gezer.
In 1909 Moshe Becker settled in Rishon Le Zion where he received his farmland from L. Goldberg.