Goldenberg Moshe Mussa
Born: 1897
Residence in the Village:
Departed to: Israel, Bet Alpha
Died: 1972
Goldenberg Binyamin
Goldenberg (Senior) Rachel
    Goldenberg Moshe Mussa   Goldenberg Dvorah    
Children:   Gadish (Goldenberg) Meir    Goldenberg Yoram    Mina (Goldberg) Rachel

Mussa Goldenberg, a farmer, a vinter and a businessman, was born in Rishon Le Zion. He studied at the Mikve Israel agricultural school and fought there for the use of the hebrew language. On this account he was forced to leave the school. From his youth he was involved in improving the status of the hebrew labourer and was strongly opposed to the farmers. He was active in the literary activity in the village, a member of the "Hapoel Hatzair". Together with his brother he created a model vegetable garden which became a center for all those interested in attractive agriculture.
Together with his father he traded in cattle in the Lod market, in the sale of harobs to the Latrun monastery and the purchase of grapes in the Jerusalem market.
He volunteered for the "Hebrew Legion". Later he worked in the experimental station in Shuni. During WWI Moshe and his brothers would transport provisions to people in hiding in the citrus groves so as not to be forced in to the Turkish army.
Mussa played in the Rishon Le Zion orchestra. He participated in