Goldenberg Binyamin
Born: 1866
Birth Place: Romania, Iasi
Immigrated: 1868
Arrived: 1896
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer, vintner, worker
Departed to:
Died: 1959
Goldenberg Meir
Goldenberg Rivka
Senyor Haim
Senyor Esteriya Stella
    Goldenberg Binyamin   Goldenberg (Senior) Rachel    
Children:   Goldenberg Yaakov    Goldenberg Meir Wolf    Harpaz (Goldberg) Shlomo    Goldenberg Moshe Mussa    Goldenberg Avraham    Hurvitz Har Zion (Goldenberg) Sarah

Benyamin Goldenberg studied in a "Heder" and in a Yeshiva in Jerusalem but revolted and ran away.
After his marriage he came to Rishon Le Zion and worked as a labourer in the vineyards of the local farmers and became expert in pruning and grafting. He also worked as a labourer in the winery and was one of the founders of the Workers Union in the Winery.
He managed the Baron's citrus grove in Wadi Hanin (Ness Tziona) and later received land from the Hovevei Tzion movement and became a farmer.
He worked in integrating new immigrants and in teaching them how to work in a citrus grove.