Shiloni (Yekutiely) Bracha
Born: 1924
Birth Place: Israel, Jerusalem
Arrived: 1924
Residence in the Village:
Departed: 1928
Departed to: Israel, Tel Aviv
Died: 2010
Yekutiely (Zussmanovitch) Haviv
Yekutiely (Ben Zeev) Adlaida Ada
Slonik Moshe Laib
Slonik Faigele
    Shiloni (Yekutiely) Bracha   Shiloni (Slonik) Asher    
Children:   Shiloni Amnon

Bracha Shiloni was born in Jerusalem. She was raised and educated in Tel-Aviv, studied at the "Tel Nordoi" and "Geula" schools, graduated the Levinsky Seminar and was a kindergarten teacher by profession.
She worked as a medic of the "Hagana" and managed the "slik" (arms cache) hidden in her house in Holon.
She worked as a kindergarten teacher in kibbutzim and as a teacher at the school of the Labor party in Holon.
She was active in "Histadrut" institutions, represented "Mapam" (United Workers' Party) in the Working Mothers Organization – "Naamat". She was a member of different committees and in "Mapam". She was among the founders of the Parents Committee in Holon and served as the first committee's secretary. She was chairperson of the Parents Committee of the "Sirkin" school and "Mitrani" High School in Holon. She organized volunteers from the Defense Department to help the "Zahal" wounded in Holon.
She received the award of "Honorary Member of the Holon Histadrut" ingratitude for her extensive public work.