Horowitz (Ben Zeev) Gretele
Born: 1896
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1982
Ben Zeev Abramovitch (Ben Zeev) Shimon
Ben Zeev (Hirshfeld) Beila Gita
Horowitz Avraham Eliyahu
Horowitz Hanna Feige
    Horowitz (Ben Zeev) Gretele   Horowitz David    
Children:   Waterman (Horwitz) Shimonah    Ratz (Horwitz) Dina    Horowitz Boaz    Wolfenson (Horwitz) Nitza

Gretele Horowitz played and taught piano for several years.
In the years 1920-19212 she worked at an orphanage in Jerusalem. She Learned languages.
She used to tell, that for some time she helped her uncle Menashe Meirovitch, with his correspondence work.
After her marriage she was a member of "Ezer Am" and - an active member of WITZO. At the late forties she was responsible - voluntarily – for a residence of children.
She conducted in her home a choir for poetry lovers and accompanied them by playing the piano.
At the Seventies she devoted much time for the impartment the memories of Rishon Lezion to students in the schools and via the radio.
She was a member in the "B'nei Brit". In group meetings she used to read the weekly Torah portion and explain it; she persisted with that even in the Old Peoples Home where she lived at the end of her life.