Ben Zeev (Hirshfeld) Beila Gita
Born: 1870
Birth Place: Lithuania Riga
Arrived: 1886
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1961
Hirshfeld Shmuel
Hirshfeld (Kastel) Gerone
Abramovitch Zeev
Abramovitch (Perelman) Haya Sara
    Ben Zeev (Hirshfeld) Beila Gita   Ben Zeev Abramovitch (Ben Zeev) Shimon    
Children:   Horowitz (Ben Zeev) Gretele    Yekutiely (Ben Zeev) Adlaida Ada    Ben Zeev Shmuel    Levite (Ben Zeev) Ruth    Becker (Ben Zeev) Hassida    Klorfein (Ben Zeev) Hagit    Cohen (Ben Zeev) Havatzelet

Beila Gita Ben Zeev was born in Riga. According to the testimony of her granddaughter, she acquired there the profession of a nurse - midwife.
At the age of 16, in the year 1886, she immigrated to Eretz Israel to Rishon Lezion with her family. Here she got married to Shimon Ben-Zeev who was a traveling band.salesman of "Carmel", being absent from home for long periods. Beila Gita ran alone the affairs of the farmste ad and she carried on like that also after the death of her husba