Abramovitch Zeev
Born: 1843
Birth Place:
Immigrated: 1882
Arrived: 1882
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: vintner
Departed to:
Died: 1911
Belonging to Group
Abramovitch Avraham
Abramovitch Ziporah
Perilstein Shimon
Perelman Fruma Hsida
    Abramovitch Zeev   Abramovitch (Perelman) Haya Sara    
Children:   Ben Zeev Abramovitch (Ben Zeev) Shimon    Meirovitch (Abramovitch) Fanny Feige Rivka    Abramovitch Avraham Atke    Meirovitch (Abramovitch) Miriam    Ben Zeev (Doctor Lazar) Eliezer

The founding father Zeev Abramovitch was born in Kovna, Lithuania (then Russia). In 1882 he came to Eretz Israel, joined the Committee of the First Pioneers and was one of the founders of Rishon Le Zion. He was a signator to its first charter. He was among the first to build his home in the village.
Prior to his departure from Russia he owned a large textile factory and was a well versed businessman, He initiated a request to the Baron setting out a detailed plan for the establishment here of a textile factory that could serve the whole of the middle east. His request was not granted and he dropped the idea and invested his energy in his vineyards. He set up a primative wine producing plant in his cellar in the style of those in Jerusalem. The preparation of the first hebrew flag is connected to the home of Zeev Abramovitch. One version claims that the first flag was made out of his "talit". But there is another version. In the second letter sent by Israel Belkind to Dubnov in 1882 he claims that he and Fanny Meirovitch (nee Abramovitch) prepared the flag together (extract