Homa (Wolfinsohn) Stella
Born: 1897
Birth Place: Israel, Jerusalem
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1996
Wolfinsohn Yitzchak
Wolfinsohn (Press) Rachel
Homa Baruch
Homa Sarah Taube
    Homa (Wolfinsohn) Stella   Homa Yaakov    
Children:   Hunt Edna

Stella Homa was born in Jerusalem. When she was six weeks old, she moved with her mother to Lisbon, Portugal, where her father Yitzchak served as chief rabbi of the Jewish community.
A year before the First World War, and still being a girl then, she returned to Eretz Israel and settled with her family in Petah Tikva.
She studied poetry in addition to her regular studies.