Abaiov Menashe
Born: 1925
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer, regular army
Departed to:
Died: 2000
Abaiov Assael
Abaiov (Elchananov) Yehudit
Camus Tzadok
Camus (Levie) Malca
    Abaiov Menashe   Abaiov (Kamus) Zipora    
Children:   Piss Tirtza    Shtemer Yehudit Ditta    Rachamim Naama    Tzoref Bosmat

Menashe Abaiov was born in Rishon Lezion. He learned in the primary school (Chaviv), in the evening high school (located on the premises of the "Chaviv" school) and – in the University of Tel Aviv.
In the years 1946-1944, he was a Guard in the Jewish Settlements' Police. Later he joined the Palmach where he served part of the time in the Arabic department and in the "Hashachar" platoon. From there he was transferred to Harel to the fourth battalion and commanded a platoon in Jerusalem during the War of Independence, at the siege. In the years 1954-1949, he is an officer in the IDF.
After the liberation he worked at the "Nation's Plantations" which operated from Javne up to the Kerem Shalom plateau. During his work he had to deal with uprooting vineyards and cactus shrubs but being a member of a rooted farmers' family, he resisted the uprooting and demanded to develop the vineyards. As a result of this opposition, vineyards were restored even in the sands of "Zikia" and towards the end of the fifties (of the 20th century), grapes from that area begun to be exported to Britain. In "Yesha" and "Amei Oz" he planted 10,000 acres of vineyards and the population of new immigrants who lived there, began to work in productive agriculture.
In 1978, Menashe Abayov returns to serve in the IDF. He established the headquarters of the Sinai area that took care of the Bedouins and worked with the Druze reconnaissance squadron which secured the border line Be'er Sheva - Eilat.
He was released from the army with the rank of a colonel.