Nitzan Meir
Born: 1932
Immigrated: 1948
Arrived: 1969
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Belonging to Group
Mintz Michael
Mintz Rachel
Snieder Sinai
Snieder Esther
    Nitzan Meir   Nitzan (Shneider) Naomi    
Children:   Nitzan Dorit    Nitzan Yael

Meir Nitzan was born in Bucharest, Rumania. He emmigrated from Cyprus to Israel in 1948. He graduated Management and Industrial Engeineering from the Technion.
In the army he served in the Logistics Corps as unit commander, commander of officer course, commander of officer-training unit and head instructor in the school for Logistics.
In 1955 he volunteered in the “Fidayun” War, passed a commander course and took part in the prepartions for the Sinai War (1956).
In 1969 he was appointed Commanding Officer in the Logistics Field-Operations (chief-officer) headquarters. Later he studied in the American army and was appointed Commander of the Logistics Combat Equipment and Supplies Center.
After his army discharge, he served as manager of the Kupper-Clar Industries.
A year later he was recalled to the army and received Brigadier General military rank and was appointed Deputy Logistics commander.
After the first Lebanese War he left the army, after 33 years of loyal service, and worked as Project Manager for “Kur” company.
From December 1983 he serves as Mayor of Rishon Le-Zion (his fourth consecutive term in 1998).
During his period as mayor, Rishon Le-Zion became the fourth largest city in Israel. The nubmer of enterprises increased doubling the amount of their workers.
At the head of Meir Nitzan’s priorities are education and the youth of his city. Emphasis has been placed on the educational system beginning from the age of 3, completing the process of erecting Junior High schools and converting all the high schools in the city to all comprehensive, making it possible for every child in the city to study in the same place.
In addition, paralleling the matriculation exams, the “BA 2000” project has begun aimed at obtaining points and even a degree.
Meir Nitzan encouraged the establishment of the College of Management, the founding of the Rishon Le-Zion Symphony Orchestra and raising of local sports teams to the Premier league.