Rappaport Catriel
Born: 1871
Birth Place: Russia, Vitebsk,
Immigrated: 1880
Arrived: 1882
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer, vintner
Departed to:
Died: 1941
Belonging to Group
Rappaport Tuvia Haim
Rappaport Rachel Beille
Tokolsky Yehiel Yaakov
    Rappaport Catriel   Rappaport (Tokolski) Zipora    
Children:   Shiloni (Rappaport) Yehudit    Rappaport Avshalom    Daykan (Rappaport) Shifra Haya    Miller (Rappaport) Bella

Katriel Rappaport was born in Ribinsk, Vitibsk district, Russia. There he studied with his father who was a ritual slaughterer. In 1880 he immigrated to Eretz Israel with his parents and brothers and settled in Jerusalem where he studied at the "Etz Hahaim" Talmud Torah for four years.
In 1884 he joined his family who had moved earlier to Rishon Le-Zion. Here he studied for a period at the elementary school ("Haviv"). Later he was a winegrower and citrus grower.
Already as a young man he began his public activities in the village: he was a signatory in the second Book of Rules and Regulations (1897); was appointed village "Mukhtar" (1905); participated in the committees for Reading Evenings, the library and guard duty; served as head of the school committee; was secretary of Village Committee and, later, its head from 1918-1921 and 1928. He played in the orchestra.
During his term as head of the Village Committee the lands of Beit Dagan and Sarafand Al- Harav ("Ahuza") were purchased, a new road from the Baron's Administration Building till the British army base, Sarafand, (Rechov Yerushalayim) were paved, sanitary improvements were made, the scales in the shops were replaced by more accurate ones, the law for building houses was passed, the plan for construction of the "Aviva" neighborhood was approved and a 2 dunam plot was given to the fund, "Keren Hageula".
As an excelling winegrower, he was fortunate to have been received three times by the Baron Rothschild in his private palace in Paris. He was sent three times to inspect the winery branches in America, Canada, Europe, Egypt and Syria. His mission to America was made possible due to the Rav Kook's recommendations.
He served as head of the "Agricultural Committee" several times. For 13 years he served as a member of the Winery Council and Rishon Le-Zion and Zichron Yaakov Winegrowers' Association. In 1918 he was a delegate in the founding meeting held in Jaffa as the representative of the different organizations in the village. That same year he was among the founders of the "Kupat Am" Bank in Jaffa and for twenty years was a council member and served on its administrative board. From 1926 and for many years after that, he managed the "Carmel Mizrachi" branch in Jaffa (together with Reuven Segal).
In 1925 he assisted in the founding of the "Binyamina" Gymnasium in the village. In 1936 he participated in the corner-stone ceremony for the founding of the Rothschild Museum and offered greetings in the name of the farmers (in the end, the museum was never built).