Hankin Yehuda Leib
Born: 1842
Birth Place: Russia,
Immigrated: 1882
Arrived: 1882
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer
Departed to:
Died: 1894
Belonging to Group
Hankin Yaakov
Vazlinsky Hayim Tanhum
Halinski (Vazalinski) Ester
    Hankin Yehuda Leib   Hankin (Halinski) Sarah    
Children:   Hankin Yaakov    Hankin Yehoshua    Hankin Mendel    Hankin Tanhum    Tzukerman (Hankin) Rivka    Krauze (Hankin) Haya    Hankin Hanna    Hankin Teybl Teybe    Koenig (Hankin) Rosa

The founder Yehuda Leib Hankin was born in Kremenchug, Russia. He engagd in the renting of estates, farm management and land transactions for the colonizing German farmers.
Following the pogroms ("Suffot Ba-Negev") that broke out in Russia in 1881, and as an enthusiastic Lover of Zion, he was the first to sign the letter which the community of Kremenchug sent to Eretz Yisrael, a letter in which they introduced their representative, Z.D.Levontin, who was travelling in their name to the Land of Israel to prepare a place for them to come and build up in Palestine. (D.
Yudelovitch :Rishon le Zion 1882-1942 p.24) In 1882 he came to the country, landed in Jaffa and together with Z. D. Levontin and Yosef Feinberg was active in setting up the "Committee of the First Pioneers" agency and in the purchasing of the lands of "Ayun Kara"/ He led the way for the convoy of founders that went from Jaffa on 29th July, 1882 on their way to establishing the village of Rishon Le Zion.
Because of his previous experience in agricultural work he playedleaders and together with the Feinberg and Belkind families he was forced to leave the village. Hankin tried to stand on his rights as an independent farmer to continue to work his land but gave in to the aggressive request of the leaders of the Hovevei Zion movement, Pinsker and Lilienblum, so as not to harm the relationship of the Baron towards the whole village and he left for Jaffa.
In Jaffa he opened a haberdashery store. Only a few years later, in 1893, he died. During WWI his body was brought for re-interrment in the old cemetery of Rishon Le Zion.