Birger (Malin) Leah
Born: 1929
Birth Place: Israel, Rehovoth
Arrived: 1944
Residence in the Village: (private)
Departed to:
Malin Moshe
Malin Mina
Birger Itzhak
Birger (Kohen) Breine Brindil
    Birger (Malin) Leah   Birger Avshalom    
Children:   Appel (Birger) Dorit    Beckerman (Birger) Iris    Shifman (Birger) Orly

Leah Birger was born in Rechovot. She attended the elementary school in Rechovot and the trade school "Safra" in Tel Aviv. Until her marriage, she worked in the local council in Rishon Lezion.
She was a memebr in the "Bnot Brit" and a volunteer on their behalf in the Rishon Lezion Police; later she served as secretary of the branch. For years, she volunteered in the Family Health station.