Segal (Gold) Tova
Born: 1909
Birth Place: Israel, Petah Tiqva
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1990
Gold Meir
Gold Sarah
Segal Mordechay Yoel
Segal (Lubman) Rivka
    Segal (Gold) Tova   Segal Yehuda    
Children:   Segal Uri    Segal Adi    Kroyzman (Segal) Ruthi

Tova Segal was born in Petach-Tikva. She learned in the elmentary school PICA and in the high school there.
In her youth, she was a memebr and an athlete in the young Maccabi of Petah Tikva.
When she married Jehudah Segal, she built her house in Rishon Le zion.