Pohatchevsky (Rosenthal) Josephine
Born: 1927
Birth Place: England, London
Immigrated: 1949
Arrived: 1950
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 2019
Belonging to Group
Rosenthal Baruch Eliyahu
Rosenthal Yete Edit
Pohatchevsky Assa'el
Pohatchevsky Ada Ida
    Pohatchevsky (Rosenthal) Josephine   Pohatchevsky Meir    
Children:   Yaniv (Pohatchevsky) Atzmon Daniel    Roiter (Pohatchevsky) Varditte Sharon    Yaniv (Pohatchevsky) Yaron David

Josephine Pohatchevsky was born in London U.K. to a traditional family. During W.W. 2 she was evacuated from London with all her class to a far away willage, and there they studied, while living with non jewish families. When she got back to London after 5 years she studied, worked and was a member of "Habonin" youth movment, whitch led her to make Aliyah and come to live in the young state of Israel in the year 1949 as a zionist. When she arrived in Israel she stayed with her uncle (her father's brother), in Rishon Le Zion, where she met her husband Meir Pohatchevsky. In Rishon Le Zion she warked as a secratery for the "Nesher" beer company and later as an English teacher till she retiered. From 1987, and for 17 years, she worked for the Rishon Le Zion Museum, first as a guide and later as a transelater from English to Hebrew and vice versa. On top of that she did a lot of volunteer work for Wizo, the Municipality, the Soroptimist wide world organization, ect. Josephine never stoped leaning and she has a lot of certificates : a travel agent one, a mediator one, courses of education, politics and others from Bar Ilan university, ect,