Arbel (Ben Cohen) Ruth
Born: 1927
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: guide, guide
Departed: 1949
Departed to: Israel, Haifa
Died: 2018
Ben Cohen (Prizant) Zvi
Ben Cohen (Pohatchevsky) Efrat
Segalovf Mordechai
Segalov (Balaga) Sara
    Arbel (Ben Cohen) Ruth   Arbel (Sigalov) Eli    
Children:   Arbel Gideon    Avishai (Arbel) Tali    Arbel Osnat    Rivlin (Arbel) Ofra

Arbel Ruth was born in Rishon Lezion. She attended the primary school ("Chaviv") in the twonship.
Before completing her studies, on the eve of World War II, she traveled with her mother and brother to the United – States for a visit and due the war outbreak they were forced to remain there until the end of it. She attended there a high school, a college and the seminary "Hertzlia" in New York. When returning to Eretz Israel in 1945, she continued her studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and at the seminary in Beit Hakerem, where she was certified as a teacher. Later, she finished a guide's course.
As a member of the "Haganah", she served during the Liberation War in Jerusalem and then in the Signal Corps. Since then, and over the years, she operates as a volunteer in various fields: during the War of Independence, she guided girls in the Yemin Moshe neighborhood in Jerusalem and taught working youth.
Later, she is active in the protection of nature, conducting guided, free of charge, tours of the "Nature Protection Society" and was a member of the Nature Protection Committee in Jerusalem out of personal initiative, in immigrants' absorption, teaching immigrants Hebrew, aid to needy families, placing children in special settings etc. She is hosting at home members of the order "Achayot Zion" – an order whose members are Christian supporters of Israel who saved Jews during the Holocaust.
In recognition of her volunteer work, she received in 1975 from President Ezer Weizman the President's Volunteer Award.. She is a volunteer She is instructor in "Yad Vashem". ,