Ben Cohen (Prizant) Zvi
Born: 1894
Birth Place: Russia, Kherson,
Immigrated: 1918
Arrived: 1923
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer, vintner
Departed to:
Died: 1958
Prizant Moshe
Prizant Haya
Pohatchevsky Michal Zalman
Pohatchevsky (Feinstein, N efesh) Nehama
    Ben Cohen (Prizant) Zvi   Ben Cohen (Pohatchevsky) Efrat    
Children:   Ben Cohen Gideon Moshe    Arbel (Ben Cohen) Ruth

Zvi Ben Cohen was born in Russia. He was orphaned from his father at infancy and from his mother during his youth. In 1907 he came to his brother in Canada and from there went to Philadelphia-U.S.A where he became a merchant was active in the "Workers of Zion" of the National Jewish Movement. He volunteered to the American Jewish Battalion and with his enlistment changed his name from Prisant to Ben Cohen. Together with his battalion, he arrived to Israel and under the leadership of Colonel Margolin, participated in the capture of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv from the Turkish army.
When the battalion was dismantled he convinced the war minister, with great effort, that he had to remain in the country. In 1920 he moved to the Upper Galilee. Together with Trumpeldor, he took part in the defense of Kfar Giladi and Tel Hai and was saved from the fate of his fellow fighters because he was on a mission in Tiberius on the day of the battle.
Later, together with three others from the battalion, he founded the publishing company, "Tarbut" in Jerusalem.
In 1923 he married Efrat Pohatchesky, settled in Rishon Le-Zion and began working in agriculture and public activities. Zvi Ben Cohen was a member of the Carmel Winery Council,
the local "Kupah Haklait" (Farmers' Fund) management, the school committee, the Village Committee and Local Council, chairman of the "Vaad Haklai" (Agricultural Committee), member of the "Pardes Syndicate" Council and representative of "Pardes" in the Council for Citrus Marketing. He was one of the committee members of the Rothschild Museum that was supposed to be erected and a signatory of its Foundation "Megillah" (scroll). He was a member of the Hebrew Magistrate's Court and village representative at the Farmers' Union Center. He was one of the founders of Beit Maccabee in the name of the Baron Rothschild and his wife which was founded in the village and a member of its action committee.
For a few years he served as assistant manager of the "Bnei Binyamin" Bank in Tel-Aviv and as manager of the Farmers' Treasury Bank of the Farmers' Union.