Levine Lena Helena
Born: 1903
Birth Place: Russia,
Immigrated: 1922
Arrived: 1935
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1985
Rubinstien Haim
Rubinstien Rivka
Levine Asher
Levine (Goldblat) Dvorah
    Levine Lena Helena   Levine Gideon    
Children:   Sherman (Levin) Zahava

Helena Levine was born in Russia. She danced ballet and began the study of medicine, which she ceased with the immigration to Eretz Israel in 1922. Together with her parents she settled in Tel - Aviv, where her family Fam. Rubinstein joined to families Chvoeinik, Shlush and Bograshov (all four women of these families were sisters).
In Tel - Aviv she joined the ballet dancers of the Opera. After a brief period of employment in Barclays bank, Helena went to Paris and studied French literature at the Sorbonne in order to return to Eretz Israel and work as a French teacher. During the period of her studies she met Gideon Levine of Rishon Lezion, who was close to completion of medical studies. Once they decided to marry, Lena stopped her studies and together they returned to Eretz Israel. During all the years Lena accompanied her husband's, Dr. Gideon Levin, work in his private clinic and assisted him.
She was active in the party Hatzionim Hacklaliyim". She served as treasurer of Maccabi Rishon Lezion. She was a member of WITZO, and a volunteer in YAEL (a helping hand to the sick) and in - the army camps.