Wolfenson (Horwitz) Nitza
Born: 1935
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: bookkeeper
Departed: 1970
Departed to: Israel, Haifa
Belonging to Group
Horowitz David
Horowitz (Ben Zeev) Gretele
Wolfenzon David
Wolfenson (Berkovitch) Raya
    Wolfenson (Horwitz) Nitza   Wolfenzon Avraham    
Children:   Ben Shaul (Wolfenson) Orit    Wolfenson Dror    Ronen (Wolfenson) Hadar

Nitza Wolfensohn was born in Rishon Le-Zion, studied at the “Haviv” elementary school, the “Realit" Gymnasium and the School of Law and Economics in Tel-Aviv. She trained in archeology, anthropology, art and psychology at the Haifa University. She served her army service at the Human Resources Corps.
Between 1954 -1958 she worked in the Ministry of Defense where she served as Department Head in the Security Office and, as part of her responsibilities, she coordinated and supervised the work of the field agents around the country. For a period, she worked in the office of the security officer of the Foreign Department in Jerusalem.
From 1970 she lived with her family in Haifa where she was active in organizing study groups in Bible, philosophy, and culture and lectured in the subjects of culture and history. She worked as a translator of English poetry into Hebrew. She received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the city of Leeds, Britain, for her translation of the poetry of Lord Byron- translations studied there in Jewish education classes.
Nitza Wolfensohn, as the daughter of one of Rishon’s deep-rooted families and great granddaughter of the founder Zeev Abramovitch, has special connection to the history of the village. She has documented her childhood memories in writing and in photographs and serves as a “volunteer from a distance” for the Rishon Le-Zion History Museum and regularly supplies varied material to the archive, such as photographs, accessories and documents.
In addition, she regularly participates in the “nostalgia” internet site where she offers explanations for concepts and ideas from the bygone past as well as photographs of nostalgic items.