Ostashinski Elyakum
Born: 1909
Birth Place: Israel, Petah Tiqva
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1983
Belonging to Group
Ostashinski Eliyahu
Ostashinski (Yaakoby Halevy) Miriam
Tulipman David
Tulipman (Zinger) Shifra
    Ostashinski Elyakum   Ostashinski (Tulipman) Shulamit    
Children:   Kutan (Ostashinsky) Dafna    Barkayi (Ostashinsky) Ruth

Dr. Elyakim Ostashinsky was born in Petah Tikva. He studied at the public school in the village and graduated the Herzlia High School in Tel Aviv. He went to study agriculture in Toulouse, France, and completed two years of practical work in Algeria where he gained experience in citrus growing, vineculture and in the wine-making industry. From 1930 to 1931 he worked as a wine expert in the Rishon Le Zion winery and then went for further studies in the university of Portitz in Italy where he received a doctorate in agronomy. His doctorate thesis was written on citrus growing in Israel.
When he returned to the country he settled in Rishon Le Zion, managed the technical department in the "Notaya" company, the agricultural department in the Farmers? Union and the department for the rehabilitation of citrus growing for the Citrus Marketing Board.
Dr. Ostashinsky was involved in diverse activity in the "Maccabi" Sports club and youth movement. He was chairman of thejuice industry, the purchase of advanced machinery for the winery of Rishon Le Zion, the raising of efficiency in the winery and raising the status of the Vinters? Association in the country and abroad.
Dr. Ostashinsky published articles on subjects of public interest and on agriculture in the "Haboker" newspaper, in the periodicals "Hadar" and "Bustanayi", the Palestine Tribune and "Hameshek HaHaklayi".