Liyubin Belkind Yemima
Born: 1891
Birth Place: Israel, Gedera
Arrived: 1910
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: teacher
Departed to:
Died: 1969
Belonging to Group
Belkind Shimshon
Belkind (Freiman) Pnina
Liubin Shmuel Zalman
Liubin Haya
    Liyubin Belkind Yemima   Liubin Moshe    
Children:   Liubin Shmuel Zalman    Levi (Lubin) Naama    Liubin Avshalom

Yemima Lubman was born in Gedera. She grew up and was educated in Rishon Le Zion. She studied at the local elementary school ("Haviv"). She was a handicrafts teacher at the school from 1910-1914. She would give the village girls private tuition in cutting and sewing. Before World War I she went on a visit to Egypt. The war broke out and she was forced to stay there in Alexandria where she set up a Hebrew language school for those who had been exiled from Eretz Israel and she worked as a teacher and youth leader. She was a member of the committee that dealt with refugees and was involved in the setting up of first aid services for the volunteers of the Jewish Legion and the Mule Drivers Brigade before they left for the front in Galipoli.
When Eretz Israel was conquered by the British she sent parcels of food and clothing back to Palestine via British officers who went to Palestine from Egypt.
She settled in Hadera where she continued her public social and cultural activities. She was a member of the local Wizo branch and cultural activities. She was a member of the local Wizo branch and Bnot Brit "Hagshama" group in Hadera.