Pohatchevsky Assa'el
Born: 1893
Residence in the Village: Y. A Katzler's house (private)
Departed to:
Died: 1970
Pohatchevsky Michal Zalman
Pohatchevsky (Feinstein, N efesh) Nehama
Wilson (Vishinitzki) Shmuel Natan
Wilson Tova
    Pohatchevsky Assa'el   Pohatchevsky Ada Ida    
Children:   Shor (Pohatchevsky) Yona    Pohatchevsky Elyashiv    Pohatchevsky Elyasaf    Pohatchevsky Meir

Assael Pohachevsky was born in Rishon Le-Zion. He studied at the elementary school ("Haviv") in the village. When he was fifteen years old he already dealt with pruning vines and at sixteen he planted new vineyards.
Later, he was the first gymnastic teacher of "Maccabi" in Rishon Le-Zion.
During WWI he was called to serve in the Turkish army. He dealt with grafting almonds in Ruhama and was an agricultural instructor in Latrun (The Turks converted the monastery into an agricultural school). In 1914, when the "Hashomer" organization went underground, he took upon himself the duty of guarding the village. After the war he worked as overseer of the construction work of his father- in- law, the Tel-Aviv contractor, Shmuel Vilsin, as well as on the paving works of the Jaffo-Jerusalem road. Later, he managed the Goldberg farmstead in Hartuv. He grew tobacco and was a member the Committee of Tobacco Growers in Eretz Israel. In 1925 he managed the construction of the airport in Amman, Jordan. Later, he planted vineyards in Ahuza and orange groves in Kubeba (near Kfar Aharon), marketed citrus for brokers from London and was a clerk in the British Mandate's Department of Agricultural. In 1931 he began work at a dental factory in Tel Aviv and after a short period became foreman. He was sent by the company to Cyprus where he built a factory, trained the workers and became an expert in the manufacture of dentures.
Towards the end of the 1930's his private orange grove started to bear fruit and he began to earn a living from that. After Arab rioters sabotaged the well from which the groves in the area were irrigated, he, together with his neighbors, set up a cooperative association to found a water company and for many years he served as chairman of "Ein Yizrael" - a cooperative association for irrigation. When the Reali gymnasium was founded in the village, he served as chairman of the Parents' Association for many years as well as chairman of the country's "Parents Association for High Schools in Israel". While holding this post he offered special assistance in obtaining the parents' signatures on special bonds for the purpose of collecting money for the Gymnasium building and even wasn't reluctant to mortgage 18 dumans of his own vineyard as security for the bank guarantee.
During the War of Independence in 1948 he was active in introducing agricultural mechanization to Rishon Le-Zion and for several years devoted himself to learning all about the machines' functions. The mechanization center consisted of tractors, reaping machines, combines for seeds and peanuts and more.
Assael fulfilled defense positions and dealt with guard duty organization and was active in
The Agricultural Committee, the Winegrowers' Association, Orange Growers' Association, the Winegrowers' Organization, in the local committee of "Pardes" and "Pardes Syndicate" and a member of Audit Committee of a local bank.
Assael Pohachevsky was fluent in seven languages, including reading and writing in Arabic and because he was respected by the Arab villagers he served as arbitrator in disputes between them and the Jews and among themselves.