Branitzky (Yovel) Pesia
Born: 1873
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1953
Yovel Avraham Mordechay
Yovel Tsherna Sarah
Branitzky (Bralnitzky) Nathan
Branitzky (Bralnitzky) Duba Daba
    Branitzky (Yovel) Pesia   Branitzky (Bralnitzky) Haim    
Children:   Branitzky Azariah Ezra    Branitzky Shimon    Branitzki Tzvi Hirsh    Branitzky Itzhak    Branitzky Binyamin    Bralnitzky Adini (Branitzky) Sarah    Branitzky Eliyahu    Tamari (Branitzky) Dvora Bola    Branitzky Nathan
Pesia Branitzky (seated on left) with the Yuval family
Pesia Branitzky (on the left) with her daughters Dvorah and Sarah
Pesia and Haim Branitzky and their children, 1927

Pesia Branitzky was born in Russia, in the Tavriya district in the town of Brinsk.
Together with her father, on their way to Australia they stopped over in Eretz Israel. Here in Rishon Le-Zion, she married Haim Branitzky in 1885.
She participated in public activities in the village and stood at the head of the "Histadrut of Zionist women-Wizo". To her last living day, she played an active role in Wizo activities in the village.