Almog (Hed) Didi Frida
Born: 1955
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Hed (Hait) Shmuel
Hedd (Jedda) Margalit
Avrutsky Matityahu
Avrutsky (Proscover) Bat Ami
    Almog (Hed) Didi Frida   Almog (Avrutski) Doron    
Children:   Almog Eran    Almog Nitzan

Didi Frida Almog was born in Rishon Lezion. She attended the primary school '"Chaviv" at the township and the high school "Ort" in Ramat-Gan - the architecture track. She graduated from the teachers' college in Givataim and from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem - the Department of Literature. She did her military service in the paratroopers' corps. She is working for years as a teacher of literature at the, "Johanna Jabotinsky" school in Beer Yaakov. She is active with her husband, Doron Almog, in the founding of the village "Alei Negev- Nachlat Eran". The village is intended for special populations and was founded in Ofakim in 2006; Eran, the son of Doron and Didi was a tenant in the village until his death. His parents continue their special children volunteer work in the village, raising funds, establishing the village and raising public awareness to the needs of