Ben David (Erlich) Shoshana
Born: 1915
Birth Place: Germany,
Immigrated: 1935
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: agronomist
Departed to:
Died: 2008
Elrlich Ludwig
Elrlich Gerta
Davidson (Rivkind) Menachem Mendel
Davidson (Kaymovitch) Haya
    Ben David (Erlich) Shoshana   Ben David (Davidson) Assael    
Children:   Ben David Menachem    Ben David Onn    Ben David Hayai    Ben David Gur

Shoshana Ben-David was born in Germany. She learned in a mathematical high school of boys and in the general high school in the big industrial city Schweinfurt. She was engaged in sports and in particular in track and field sports. She was a member of a German gymnastics' union. She participated in competitions and won awards. When her membership in the union was canceled in 1933 because of her Jewish faith, she moved to Breslau, joined the "Habonim" - a Zionist youth movement - and here she trained in kindergatening towards the immigration to Eretz Israel.
In 1935, she immigrated to Eretz Israel together with Asael Ben David, the Jewish Agency's emissary in Germany, whom she married later. She worked in Shfeya as a farm laborer and later - in planting seedlings in Kiryat Anavim, where the family settled.
In 1938, Shoshana, along with her husband Asahel, is studying at the Faculty of Agriculture in Toulouse, France and receives a title of an "Agronomist".
At the end of the Independence War (1949), the family settles in Jerusalem and here Shoshana Ben-David deals with agricultural training in the teaching farm of Rachel Janait.
Since 1950, she is a volunteer in the organization "Imahot Ovdot" in Jerusalem. In this framework, she cared for new immigrants and taught reading and writing in the transit camp Talpiyot in Jerusalem.