Davidson Uzi
Born: 1934
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Davidson Avishai
Davidson (Barashevsky) Rivka
Guter Zalman
Guter Tamar
    Davidson Uzi   Davidson (Guter) Sarah    
Children:   Davidson Ron    Davidson Binyamin

Uzi Davidson was born in Rishon Lezion. He learned in the elementary school ("Chaviv") in the Township and at the Hetrzeliya high school in Tel - Aviv. He has a Master degree in Science of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering from the Technion.
He served as a navigator in a fighter's squadron in the Air Force and as an industrial engineer in the Ordinance Corps where his main area of activity was in systems analysis, and transferring the inventory system of the Ordnance Corps to the computer.
Further on, until his retirement, he worked as an engineer, consultant and manager of companies engaged in various industries: industrial engineer, plant manager and member of the top management of "The National Brewery"; vice president of engineering and industry in Fa. "Amcor"; deputy CEO and chief of operation in the company "Lahavei Ishkar" in Nahariya; overseas sales manager in "Ordan Industries"; CEO of "Ordan" - a manufacturing and reconstruction plant of aviation systems at Fa. "Matlam", certified by the Air Force, the Israel Aviation Industries and aviation manufacturers abroad; CEO of "Tzabar Tourism and Recreation"
Within the framework of his public activities he is: member of the management of the Chamber of Commerce Israel - the United – States; advisory council member to travel agencies - an appointment of the Minister of Tourism; director at "Tzabar Tourism & Recreation"; a director in Fa. "Shaked Nethanel" - a public company engaged in construction and development; a member of the association "Keshet Ayalon" and the - construction committee of the association; member and flute player in the "Sharon Orchestra".