Davidson Yoav
Born: 1897
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1981
Davidson (Rivkind) Menachem Mendel
Davidson (Kaymovitch) Haya
Rivax Menashe
Rivax Haya Tove
    Davidson Yoav   Davidson (Ribax) Eida    
Children:   Ofer (Davidson, Hershkovitch) Nehama    Ohel (Davidson) Tamar    Davidson Menachem    Davidson Menashe

Yoav Davidson was born in Rishon Lezion. He learned in a "Cheider", in the elementary school (Haviv) and in the agricultural school Mikveh Israel. He is a farmer and an orcharder.
As a young boy, after his father's death, he began to help support the family and worked in transporting wine in barrels to Jaffa and almonds to Jerusalem. Later, he worked in Hadera in transporting felled eucalyptus trees to theTulkarem railway station, were they were processed in a sawmill for railway sleepers.
In, 1920, together with other friends, he worked as a contractor to fill barrels of wine in the winery and prepare them for shipment abroad. When he became ill, he left this work and was appointed to be the chief guard in the vineyards of Rishon Lezion. During the riots (1921) he was a riding guard (Gafir) in the British police.
After his marriage, along with developing his private farm, he received the lease from the Township's Committee (together with Z. Chaviv and A. Becker), for the township's orchard, for its cultivation and sale of its crops.
Then, he planted his orchards and built a barn and hen-houses in his yard. After the founding of the state, he had established a plantation and a diversified planting farmstead outside the township that works with modern technologies.
To Yoav Davidson's credit stand extensive public activities: member of the "Haganah" and – of the security committee; member of the Maccabee's committee; served in the agricultural committee; active in the "Pardes" union and in its management; in the "Kupa Hachaklait"; in the Citrus Marketing Council and the Farmers' Association.
Was a member of the names committee of the municipality.