Kaner (Kaner) Yaacov Mendel
Born: 1839
Immigrated: 1881
Arrived: 1886
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: vintner
Departed to:
Died: 1929
Belonging to Group
Kaner Hoyna Avraham
Kaner Reizel
Rozen Shlomo
    Kaner (Kaner) Yaacov Mendel   Kaner Batya    

Yaakov Mendel Kanner was born in Bucharest, Rumania in 1839.
In 1881 he came to Eretz Israel and lived in Beirut in Lebanon for some six years. He worked in his profession as a decorative tinsmith. Together with his wife Batya and his mother Raizel he settled in Rishon Le Zion in 1886 and became a vinter.
In 1900 he built his home in the centre of the village on Rothschild Street. He gave great thought to the design of the house in the "Colonial" style of architecture with its wide balcony skirted by a decorative iron railing on three sides of the house. He decorated the front of the building with the initials of his name in ironwork.
The Kanner House was for many years the centre of the "Hagana" activity and a centre for instruction classes in first aid. For a while, when there was a shortage of classrooms in the elementary school, school classes were held there.
For 40 years, from 1940 onwards, the house was used by the Magen David as a first aid clinic and the yard as the Fire Station.
During the War of Independence a hospital and surgical theatre were set up in the basement of the house where the dead and wounded were brought.
Yaakov Kanner was a member of the Village Committee several times and in 1907 he was elected its chairman. During his term of office new rulings were introduced regarding the village pharmacy and a "wash-house" for wool was set up alongside the winery but its success was short-lived. In that year, the 25th anniversary of the founding of the village was celebrated in style.
Yaakov Kanner and his wife donated money towards the needs of the cemetery.