Becker Emmanuel
Born: 1910
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1983
Becker Moshe
Becker Billa Bilha
Hayman Avraham
Hayman (Hacohen) Ester
    Becker Emmanuel   Becker (Hayman) Ahuva    
Children:   Tomashin (Becker) Bella    Becker Alexander    Gila (Becker) Sari

Emanuel Becker was born in Rishon Lezion. He attended the primary school ("Chaviv") in the township and the agricultural school in Mikveh Israel.
In his youth he was engaged in various sports. He competed in motorcycle races. He played the trumpet in the Maccabi and Hapoel's orchestras.
He was a member of the" Haganah" and helped the actions of the "Etzel". In his house he had a "Slick" for arms of the Haganah. He was "noter" (a guard) in the Hebrew Settlement's police. During the War of Independence he took part, as a truck driver, in the convoys to Jerusalem.
He worked in packaging; he organized packing groups who went to work in Cyprus. He worked in agriculture on the family farm. He was one of the founders of the transportation company "Mesilot".
As a member of the Freemasons ", he was active voluntarily for the sake of the rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents. He served as president of the organization for four years