Karlan (Shochat) Chava
Born: 1902
Immigrated: 1922
Arrived: 1928
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: nurse, midwife
Departed to:
Died: 2000
Belonging to Group
Shochat David
Shochat Ester
Karlan Yehuda Leib
Karlan Perl
    Karlan (Shochat) Chava   Karlan Peretz    
Children:   Karlan Emanuel    Karlan Uzi    Lansky (Karlan) Aester Eti

Chava Karlan was born in Kotozabo Russia (Ukraina). She studied in a Hebrew school and simultaneously - in a general school.
In 1919, while still being a girl of 17, following an assault of rioters on her family's home she decided to go alone to Eretz Israel. Assisted by her father she crossed illegally the border to Poland where she spent a year with relatives and joined the "chalutz".
In 1922, she immigrated to Eretz Israel, to Jaffa. At first she worked in sewing. Later she undertook a hard cleaning job but soon afterwards became ill and was hospitalized at the "Hadassah" Hospital in Tel Aviv. When her medical condition improved she began to help other patients in the ward. The Chief Nurse who was impressed by Chava's deeds advised her to contact the School of Nurses in the "Hadassah" Hospital in Jerusalem so as to learn the profession. After an interview with Henrieta Sold, she has been admitted to the said school and was among the graduates of the first graduation class. Later, she was also certified as a midwife.
After graduation she was sent to Rechovot where she worked for two years (1926-1928) as a public nurse and midwife. During this period she married Peretz Karlan who lived in Rishon Le-Zion and because of transportation difficulties she arrived there only once a week until 1928, when she settled in Rishon Le-Zion becoming the local public nurse, that is, a nurse in an infants clinic, a nurse in school and a midwife.
In the fifties (of the twentieth century) she ran the legal committee of "WIZO".
In 1960 she established the chamber of "Bnot Brit", served as president and swept her friends after her to extensive social activitie: the adoption of schools in Rishon Le-Zion, including the school "Belkind" of children with special needs; distribution of clothes and blankets for children in need; volunteering at the "Assaf Harofeh" hospital and the establishment of a library in the children's ward there.
In 1966 she initiated with her husband Peretz Karlan the establishment of a scholarship fund of outstanding students with low financial abilities.
Until her last day she was engaged with endless devotion in extensive activities for the benefit of needy people.