Farber Marc Mordechai
Born: 1900
Birth Place: Israel, Jerusalem
Immigrated: 1902
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: pharmacist
Departed: 1912
Departed to: Egypt
Died: 1955
Farber Zalman
Farber (Greenblatt) Haya
Habobah Yosef
Habobah Portunee
    Farber Marc Mordechai   Farber Habobah Helene    
Children:   Farber Josette Miriam    Farber Gaston Gdalia

Marc Mordechai Ferber was born in Jerusalem. At age 2 he moved with his family to Rishon le Zion. Ten years later the family moved to Cairo, Egypt. From there he went to Beyrouth, Lebanon. for his studies as Pharmacist.
He married Helen Habobah, a jewish born in Egypt.
When visiting his sister Shifra in Marseille he fell ill and died there.
After his death, his wife moved to Sao-Paolo, Brazil