Tzalalichin (Beninson) Hassya
Born: 1865
Birth Place: Russia, Borisov
Immigrated: 1882
Arrived: 1882
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1942
Belonging to Group
Beninson Hayim Itzhak
Beninson Bilha Ruhama
Tzalallichin Moshe
Tzalallichin Esther
    Tzalalichin (Beninson) Hassya   Tzalallichin Yehuda Idel    
Children:   Baskind (Tsallilihin) Ruchama    Gershberg (Tzallilihin) Elisheva    Tzalallichin Manoah    Launer (Tzallilihin) Esther    Tzalallichin Itzhak Haim

Hasia Tzallelechin was born in Russia. She was orphaned from her parents in her childhood and grew up in Minsk, in the home of her brother, Yehoshua Dov Beninson who was one of the heads of the "Hibat Zion" movement. She joined the "Bilu" group which left from Minsk for Eretz Israel and in 1882 arrived here. The group settled in the orange grove of Anton Iyov near the Jerusalem road. Together with two girlfriends from the group, she managed the group's household. When the "Bilu" group moved to Rishon Le-Zion, she married Yehuda Tzallelchin, also of the "Bilu" group, and the two set up their home in the village. Hasia Tzallelechin dealt with hospitality and charity work. Tidhar recalls (vol. I, page 117): She always made sure that a tank of hot water was available for anyone who may need it.
Neighbors also used to bring their "hamin"(cholent) to cook in her large oven. She and her husband would check the pots to see if there was enough food for the Shabbat meal and if they saw that it was sparse they would secretly add potatoes or meat.
During her last years, she lost her eye sight but continued to do all her duties.