Fishelzon Yaacov Dov
Born: 1833
Birth Place: Russia, Mogilev
Immigrated: 1882
Arrived: 1882
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: farmer, grocer
Departed to:
Died: 1910
Belonging to Group
Fishelzon Shmuel Mordechai
Levontin Hacohen Mordechai
    Fishelzon Yaacov Dov   Fishelzon (Livontin) Dvorah    
Children:   Fishelzon Leiv    Fishelzon Yechezkel    Fishelzon Itzhak

The Rav Yaakov Dov Fishelsohn was born in Semilian in the district of Mohilev, Russia. He came to Rishon Le Zion shortly after it was founded in 1882. He opened a general store and was the first shopkeeper in the young village. One could buy both foodstuffs and other goods such as ink, sewing thread, oil lamps etc in his store and this was important in that it saved the settlers the need to travel to Jaffa for each and every item they needed.
Later he bought land and became a farmer.
Yaakov Dov Fishelsohn's home was used also as the "Manim" (temporary synagogue) and the hut served as a prayer house for the people of Rishon Le Zion until 1884. The hut was also used as a boys school. Yaakov Dov's signature can be found - together with others - on the letter sent by the settlers of Rishon Le Zion to Michael Erlinger (advisor to the Baron Rothschild) as well as on a letter of request to Rav Naftali Hanhalis to help them in getting rid of the platform in the synagogue on which there were special chairs in honour of the Baron's officials.