Feinberg (Ziperman) Berta
Born: 1859
Birth Place: Russia
Immigrated: 1882
Arrived: 1882
Residence in the Village:
Departed: 1886
Departed to: Israel, Lod
Died: 1934
Tzipreman Eliyahu
Tzipreman Rosa
Feinberg Moshe Hertz
Feinberg Lobov Ahuva
    Feinberg (Ziperman) Berta   Feinberg Har-Tiferet Yosef    
Children:   Feinberg Marcus    Taderos (Feinberg) Sofiya    Feinberg Panber Eliyahu Elian    Morotzky (Feinberg) Eida    Feinberg Emmanuel Emile    Bloch (Feinberg) Dora

Bertha Feinberg was born in Russia, the daughter of an educated family. She completed her formal studies at the Gymnasia in Odessa and played the piano.
At the age of 25, in 1882, she came to the Land of Israel together with her husband and together with him was a founding member of Rishon Le Zion. When her husband, Yosef Feinberg, was sent by the village an an emmisary to Europe, to seek urgent financial support, it was she who encouraged him and took upon herself to deal, on her own, with her two tiny children and with the hardships of life and so she said: ?Never mind, I am not the only one to suffer on the soil of our Rishon. The fate of my colleagues will be my fate and the fate of our children. Go! Perhaps you will succeed in saving our dear village? (D. Ydelevitch, Rishon L Zion 1882-1942, p. 43).
When her husband returned from his mission she worked together with him doing the hard work involved in the cowshed and in the preparing of the milk products in the dairy they set up. In theJaffa. When Yosef, her husband, died, she was left with their young children with no means of livelihood and she left for Egypt where their eldest son was the doctor of a rich farmer. In the small village, Minat-el-Amah:in the Nile Delta, she brought up her children. In 1927 she came back to the country and spent her last years in Jerusalem in the home of Dora, her youngest daughter.
When she died she was taken for burial on the Mt. of Olives.