Fein (Lapidot) Fanya
Born: 1866
Birth Place: Russia, Minsk
Arrived: 1889
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: midwife
Departed to:
Died: 1901
Belonging to Group
Lapidot Mordechai
Fein Itzhak
Fein Sheina Rosa
    Fein (Lapidot) Fanya   Fein Benyamin    
Children:   Weisman (Fein) Shulamit    Fein Avshalom

Fania Fein (Lapidot) was the wife of Benjamin Fein. She was born in Russia. She was a doctor and midwife. She came to the country together with her brother who was the Czar's pharmacist and who was sent by him to the country to set up a pharmacy for the Russian Church Compound. In Jerusalem she married Benjamin Fein and in 1892 she came to Rishon Le Zion. She worked in the village as a midwife. While still young she was injured and was sent to Beirut for an operation where she died.