Pohatchevsky (Rosenthal) Miriam
Birth Place: Israel, Zefat
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1943
Pohatchevsky Meir
Pohatchevsky Rahel Golda
    Pohatchevsky (Rosenthal) Miriam   Pohatchevsky Haim    
Children:   Shoklender (Pohatchevsky) Rachel    Shkolnik (Pohatchevsky) Yael    Greenstein (Pohatchevsky) Yedida    Pohatchevsk Bental Yonadav    Mugraby (Pohatchevsky) Tirtza    Pohatchevsky Yiftach    Rosenfeld (Pohatchevsky) Elisheva    Fluz (Pohatchevsky) Naomi

Miriam Pohatchevsky was born in Tzefat. In the early part of the century she lived with her family in Rishon Le Zion and here she bore four of her children.
She moved to Beirut and there she ran a hotel which served as a meeting place for people from Eretz Israel who came there for business, pleasure and studies.
Later she returned to Eretz Israel with her family and settled in Tel Aviv where she again ran a hotel together with her husband.