Pomborovsky Shlomo
Born: 1882
Birth Place: Ofgustov Sovelki
Immigrated: 1897
Arrived: 1906
Residence in the Village:
Departed to:
Died: 1974
Pomberovsky Eliezer Avraham
Pomborovsky Rachel
Toporovski Michal
Toporovski Gittel
    Pomborovsky Shlomo   Pomberovsky (Toporovski) Billa    
Children:   Rozin (Pobimbrovsky) Tzila    Shalitta (Pobimbrovsky, Tzigelroyt) Ada    Klimker (Pobimbrovsky) Tova    Gutesman (Pobimbrovsky) Michal

Shlomo Pobimborovsky was sent to the country by his Zionist father in order to study in the Mikve Israel agricultural school. He graduated together with his brother Eliyahu. They were both sent by the Baron Rothschild to the Galilee to serve as his officials. As part of their duties they would carry money from Nazareth to buy up land properties in the Galilee. After a struggle with Arab robbers in which one of the robbers was killed they were forced to leave the Galilee.
Shlomo came to Rishon Le Zion and began working in the winery and built his home in the village.
He also became a vinter and farmer and worked the family orange groves.