Suliman Avraham
Born: 1891
Birth Place: .
Immigrated: 1897
Arrived: 1902
Residence in the Village:
Occupation: worker in winery
Departed to:
Died: 1978
Belonging to Group
Suliman Shlomo
Suliman Esther
    Suliman Avraham   Suliman (Cohen) Zehava Joya    
Children:   Mizrachi (Suliman) Esther    Eliraz (Suliman) Jamila Yafa    Suliman Shlomo    Mizrachi (Suliman) Rachel    Suliman Yosef    Mizrachi (Suliman) Sarah    Mazor (Suliman) Clara    Kader Bat Sheva    Suliman Yaacov    Levi (Suliman) Shoshana    Suliman Haim