Markovitch (Lahovitch) Itzhak Aizak
Born: 1883
Birth Place: Bessarabia
Immigrated: 1900
Arrived: 1906
Residence in the Village: village hall (public), The Pharmacy (public)
Occupation: pharmacist
Departed to:
Died: 1946
Belonging to Group
Lahovitch Eliyahu
Lahovitch Alta
Pikarsky Meir
Pikarsky Berina
    Markovitch (Lahovitch) Itzhak Aizak   Markovitch Golda Zahava    
Children:   Markovitch Yosef    Markovitch Matityahu    Peery (Markovitch) Meir    Shternfeld (Markovitch) Nehama    Markovitch Eliezer    Shamir (Markivitch) Haya Rivka    Markovitch Dina Breine

Isaac Markowitz was born in Romania. In 1900 he immigrated to Eretz Israel and settled in Jerusalem.
In 1907, he obtained the position of a pharmacist at the pharmacy in Rishon Lezion. For twenty years he served in this capacity until in 1927, due to pressure from the authorities on the settlement's committee to hire a qualified pharmacist - he finished his term of office.